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Kizomba is a genre of dance and a musical genre originating in Angola, and it means “party” in Kimbundu, an Angolan language. Kizomba dance is a derivative of the Angolan Semba and Kizomba music is a derivative of traditional Angolan Semba music.

Semba has been danced in the 1950s in Angola. In the 1990s, when the actual kizomba music got more and more popular, Angolan semba dancers started to adapt their semba steps according to the tempo and flavour of the Kizomba beats.1

1 Adapted from José N’dongala Kizombalove Methodology – Teachers course

Chocolate Kizomba

Founded in 2010, Chocolate Kizomba specialises in providing quality Kizomba lessons and parties, mainly from our home at the famous Gem Bar 🙂


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