Yannick Delasoul, born in Guine Bissau and raised in Portugal, grew up listening to Kizomba and Zouk. He soon developed his passion for music at a very young age. Using the music he enjoyed, Yannick paid attention to the structure of different genres which allowed him to start recording his own audio cassettes.

At that time, technology was not as we know it to be now. There were limitations but this did not stop Yannick from pursing his desire to learn as much as he could. Eventually, compact disks where widely used. They provided a much easier way to record and play tracks. Yannick gradually started recording his own mixed CDs. He compiled a catalogue of mixes which ranged from classics up to the most recent tracks at that time. He would use used this catalogue of music when he was invited to DJ at house parties without the use of controllers or any other special DJ equipment. It was the positive reaction from the partygoers that gave Yannick the confidence to continue DJing. In time, Yannick gained more confidence and his experience opened the doors to DJ at other events and night clubs. Yannick was the resident DJ, well known club by the Portuguese (Palop) community, of Club Jet7 in London.

He is currently the resident DJ for Gem Bar (Chocolate Tuesdays) in Central London where he entertains a faithful crowd every Tuesday evening. Yannick has also been a guest DJ across London’s Kizomba scene. Yannick shows his appreciation for his musical journey and thanks David Sachy, Gerson Marino (DJ Boss), To Costa D’Angola (for introducing him to Kizomba nights), Tee Bee (Gem Bar) for all the support throughout the years and all the promoters who have invited him to play at their clubs and parties. Finally, a special thank you to all those attending the venues he DJ and hopes that you all continue to enjoy his selection of music.

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