My love affair with Kizomba began in 2010, when there was increasing cross over from Salsa and Kizomba. My love blossomed from the music.

My French West Indian heritage was reignited as the music was like a sound track form my childhood, growing up with Artists and Bands such as Kassav, Jocelyne Beroard, Patrick St Eloi and Luc Leandre, but now it had steps! A formula that I had become accustomed to by dancing Salsa! I was in heaven!. I began my lessons with To Costa and the Pitanga Team and never looked thanks to my extraordinary group of friends who allowed me to experiment Kizomba moves, I have become an accomplished Kizomba lead, always learning from the greats such as Riquita Alta, To Costa, Eddy Vents and the legends that are Petchu and Vanessa and my journey continues.

But I did not stop at the dance itself, I have adopted the Palop culture, their language, their food and have an understanding and appreciation of the other genres of music that Palops produce such as Tarraxina, Coladera and Morna the more modern Kuduro, Afro House and Ghetto Zouk.

I have a special teaching style of tough love, I am uncompromising when it come to the connection and technique of kizomba and semba with an emphasis on the basics that allows you to practice the moves socially ( as it should be!). I have a bubbly and patient personality my classes are always full of knowledge and laughs, always honouring the culture and tradition of kizomba and semba.

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